What is a Qubit of HX?

Of course, a qubit is a basic building block of quantum computing that can represent multiple values simultaneously, thus allowing quantum computers to perform calculations almost instantaneously—like a magic! 🧙

In philosophy, some suggest that our subjective experiences, such as perceptions, emotions, and thoughts, are made up of smaller units of consciousness—like qubits in quantum computing—called “qualia”. (For example, qualia of happiness could represent the subjective feeling of joy or contentment.)

That’s how, in our philosophical etude, a qualia could be conceptualized as a qubit of human experience (HX).

A qubit of HX can exist in a state of superposition, where multiple experiences are combined into a single unit of consciousness.

Qubits of HX are capable of “entanglement”, which allows multiple qubits of HX to become linked in a way that creates the very fabric of our individual and collective consciousness...